What is On-page SEO ?


What is On-page SEO ?

On-page SEO is the name given collectively to the activities of SEO, which are done “on” the website whose SEO is being done.

On-page SEO explained

As, most of you already know that SEO is divided into two parts, one is “on-page SEO” and other one is called “off-page SEO”.
So, if talking about On-page SEO, it is a name which is given, collectively to all the activities done “on” a website , whose SEO is being done.
Like, there is a website, suppose, www.SEOschoolKolkata.com,
whose SEO is to be done, ok ?
Now, everything you do “on” the website www.SEOschoolKolkata.com is called “On-page SEO”, because these activities are done inside the website or “on” the website. From HTML coding optimization to on-site image optimization everything comes under the on-page SEO. There are so many factors in on-page SEO. And while doing on-page optimization, all-those factors must be kept in mind and optimized accordingly.

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