Google’s 200 Ranking Factors | The Complete List


SEO School Kolkata,the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata presents 200 factors that are most probably responsible for a website to rank higher on Google.

1]Domain Age:

Domain Age does matter in the ranking of a website on Google but it is not really very important. The difference between the ranking of a six months old domain and a one year old domain is not much.

2]Keyword in the Top Level Domain:

It used to be very useful in giving a boost in the ranking of a website on Google but now it is not as much useful as it used to be in terms of rankings but still having a keyword in your website’s domain gives relevancy signal to Google and thus helps in ranking for that particular keyword anyway.

3]Keyword as the very first word in your website’s Domain:

A domain that starts with a targeted keyword has more chances of doing better on Google and better ranking for that particular keyword than those domains that have a keyword either in the middle of their domain or at the end of it.

4]Domain Registration Length:

The date when the domain expires in the future is used as a factor to predict the value and legitimacy of a domain. A domain that is booked for, say, 5 years carries more trust and value than the one that is booked for say, 1 or 2 years. As, it is logical to think that when a domain is booked for a longer time then it must be a legitimate and valuable domain than those who are booked for 1 or 2 years only.

5]Keyword in Subdomain:

If your targeted keyword appears in your website’s subdomain then it can boost the raking of your website for that particular keyword on Google.

6]Domain History:

It is important and advisable to check the history and past-performance of a domain before buying it. As, a penalised domain may carry the penalty over to the new owner. And it is very hard to make a penalised domain rank good on Google. And a domain with volatile ownership or several drops of ownership may suggest Google to “reset” its history ignoring all the old links pointing to the website. I have seen people buying old domains only because they think it would perform better on Google, so be careful and cautious before buying a domain.

7]Exact Match Domain:

Exact Match Domain(EMD) may give slight boost to your website on Google. But it does not mean that any EMD website with low-quality content would peform better on Google. No.

8]Public versus Private WhoIs information:

Keeping WhoIs information Private is NOT good for ranking on Google. Private WhoIs information may be a sign of “something to hide” and is suspicious.

9]Penalised WhoIs owner:

The chances are less but nonetheless it may happen that if Google identifies a person as a spammer and penalised him then the other websites owned by that person may also be at risk to get penalised.

10]Country Top Level Domain extension:

If you have a contry code Top Level Domain(TLD) like .in for India, .pk for Pakistan, .ca for Canada etc. then your website’s chances are more to rank on Google for that particular country. But this would this would limit your website’s ability to rank globally. So, before buying a domain think where you want it to rank, globally or any articular country. If you want to rank it globally go for .com domainor others but not a country Top Level Domain unless you want it to rank in that particular country. If you want to rank your website in India only and you don’t cae for the global and international rankings then you must go for .in domain. As in this case buying a .com domain would not be a wise choice.

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