Importance of SEO/Search Engine Optimization

Importance of SEO

After you realise the importance of Digital Marketing in your business strategy, it is time to understand the importance of SEO in Digital Marketing. Just like Digital Marketing is to your business, SEO is to Digital Marketing. SEO holds the key for a successful Digital Marketing campaign. Reaching the right audience, hooking up more audiences in lesser budget, ensuring you become the top choice is all looked after by the game changing SEO.

With proper SEO and marketing, your website is likely to reach the top of the ladder in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Topping these results ensure more people visit your website which in turn gives you a higher chance for a Click Through Rate (CTR) and thereby giving your Digital Marketing campaign a much better conversion rate. A higher rank in these results also builds the credibility of your website thereby ensuring that customers trust your brand more.

The search results depend on both on site and off site factors. The most important thing in SEO are keywords. By using proper keywords in the Title Tag and Meta Description, the game of SEO can easily be won. However, usage of keywords is way more sensitive than they look to be. You’ve gotta have the correct keywords in the correct quantity. An extensive usage of keywords will leave your website looking spammy and low number of keywords will make it go out of the SERP list.

Even after you master the keywords stuff, you can’t just sit back and enjoy your success. You need to maintain the content of your website every now and then. Social media factors like link building help in maintaining your website but that too needs to be done continuously. Maintaining a blog section on your website also helps your clients to connect with you apart from keeping your website up to date. All this will ensure that you get a higher rank in the SERP and don’t lose it over the time.

Business has now become a lot more customer oriented and to match this changing trend, Digital Marketing stands out to be the best solution. As for the importance of SEO is concerned, it won’t be wrong to term it as the heart of Digital Marketing given the role it plays in the success of your Digital Marketing Campaign. These were just a few of the many factors that make Digital Marketing and SEO so important in the modern day business world.

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