The Complete Off-Page SEO Checklist


The Complete Off-Page SEO Checklist 2018-19 (step by step):

Off-page SEO is the name, given to the combined and collective SEO activities that are done outside your website.
The main purpose and intention of the OFF-page SEO activities, is creating backlinks to the website whose SEO is being done. Off-page SEO is mostly about creating backlinks!

List of Off-page SEO Factors:

1] Off-site Blogging

Blogging on the same website comes under the On-page SEO, And Blogging outside your website comes under the Off-page SEO. but here we are talking about Off-page SEO,Blogging on different Free Blogging Platforms like,, and other Free Blogging Platforms is off-site blogging and is helpful in link-bulding.
Read more on how to do Off-site Blogging.

2] Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is a great way to build backlinks. Find the blogs that are related to your niche and read the posts on those blogs then comment on the comment section with your website’s link on there.
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3] Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a very useful tool for building popularity and getting backlins to your website.
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4] Question-and-Answer Websites

There are too many websites where people come and ask questions related to almost every possible niche, and other people like you and me or anyone can give the answers of the questions asked. Join these websites and search for the questions related to your topic and industries and answer them and put your website’s link.
Read more on this here.

5] Image and Infographic Submission

There are many websites where you can Post, Share and Submit Images and infographic And add backlinks to your website. These backlinks would draw visitors to your website. And thus increase traffic.
List of Images and Infographics Sharing Websites.

6] Article Submission

Article Submission is a very common and very useful way to generate backlinks and thus draw traffic to your website.
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Find here the list of FREE Article Submission Websites.

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