About SEO School Kolkata

About us :

“SEO School Kolkata”is a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)Training institute in Kolkata. Here, in this institute,
we give professional hands-on SEO training to our students and make them industry-ready so that they could explore in their career.

What we do ?

As the name of the institute says itself, SEO School Kolkata, which makes it very clear that we are a School of SEO which means we teach SEO. But that is not it. Apart from teaching and training Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we also give professional Digital Marketing and SEO Services to out clients and also provide Free SEO Consultation. So, you can categories our work into three sections.

For any Question, Call us at : 8584946377 / 8013236367 (Kolkata)

What Out Students say :

Abhishek Shah

I took SEO training from SEO School Kolkata. They are simply very good SEO training institute in Kolkata. I have also very much satisfied with the way of explanation and in-depth knowledge of the faculty here.
I would gladly recommend this SEO training institute to everyone. Thanks.

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